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If you want more information about Rick Krementz, please see www.linkedin.com/in/krementz.

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My father, Richard Krementz, Jr, president of RKG1866 (Richard Krementz Gemstones), passed away November 21, 2012 at age 86. An obituary is at rkg1866.com. The company has closed. After 147 years, the Krementz family no longer is in the jewelry business. If you need to contact the executors of the company, you may contact:

Grace Reed
RKG1866, LLC
PO Box 55
Ho-ho-kus NJ 07432

grace @ rkg1866,com (please type, not a link)

Grace does not have any information on Krementz Overlay jewelry, or jewelry stamped with "Krementz", or jewelry made out of 14 karat gold (or lower). Please note that the Krementz family sold these companies prior to 1998. We do not have any connection to them any more. A company called Colibri bought the name Krementz, and has taken the responsibility for all warranty claims. Unfortunately, they closed in January 2009. According to National Jeweler of March 27, 2009, bidz.com, an Internet jewelry closeout company, bought the Krementz name. I doubt they are honoring the warranties. Kinda sad...

If you are really trying to reach me (Hotchkiss, HBS, UCR, Africa, theater, Camden, sailing, ophthalmology, Perth Amboy (RYC), Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Brasil, Morristown, Criehaven, AGTA, Providence, Austin, RI, NJ, ME, GemClear, Ironman, ammonia, NH3, wind turbines, alternate energy, erg, etc), or are trying to reach my children (Emma Williard, EABH, Lehigh, Barnard, Wharton, Jefferson Medical School) or my former wife Marialva, and are not trying to sell me anything, please type websource3 @ krementz,com into your email program. No, I do not do Facebook.